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A friendly looking robot, shaped roughly like a human.  Their head is a beige CRT monitor with a smile displayed.  Their arms are rubber hoses, like you might find on a vacuum cleaner.  Their legs have exposed mechanical joints at the knees.

Unnamed Robot

This is a robot I modeled from scratch to use in various video game projects. They're fully animated (for given values; the animation is rudimentary, but it fulfills my purposes).

I'm eventually going to give them a name and probably a backstory, but until then, all we have to go on is their winning smile :3

An assortment of objects you might find in a bar arranged in diorama; a countertop, two glasses, and a bottle.

Bar Props

Here we have a small assortment of props you might find in a bar - a counter, a stool (mostly out of frame), a couple of different drinking glasses, and a corked bottle.

There's not much to say, really; I like the shape of the glasses; if you look closely, you can see the way that the facets on the inside of the glass are different from the outside, which I based off of some lowball glasses I found in my cabinet.